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Some commonly asked Chas & Dave questions…

Which is which?

Chas is the slightly bigger one sitting at the piano,
Dave is the slightly thinner one on the bass.

Why is my Chas & Dave CD/DVD not on the discography?
Over the years some of Chas & Dave’s back catalogue has been farmed out to various music groups resulting in a rash of questionably packaged compilation CDs hitting the shops. These CDs are not illegal but Chas & Dave had no input regarding their content, artwork, or packaging. Some of these products were, until recently, released without a proper agreement being in place with Chas & Dave, so we keep the discography for releases that we have had direct involvement with.

What’s all that about the Eminem thing?
In the seventies Chas & Dave were prolific session musicians before their own thing took off, playing on many albums for a wide range of artists. One such album was Labi Siffre’s ‘Remember My Song’ from 1975. One of the tracks on this album – ‘I Got The’ – was sampled by Eminem on his breakthrough hit ‘My Name Is’ and is the main musical refrain of the track. Chas is playing guitar and Dave is playing bass.

Is Dave the real Dave?
Bill Bailey once suggested on ‘Never Mind The Buzzcocks’ that the current ‘Dave’ in Chas & Dave is some sort of imposter and the rumour started from there. We can confirm that that is definitely not the case and Dave is the original, one and only… Dave!! The suggestion could come from when the soul duo Sam & Dave toured with a different ‘Dave’.

Did Chas & Dave write and sing the ‘Only Fools & Horses’ theme tune?
No. The show’s creator John Sullivan did. John did approach the boys to do the theme but they were too busy.

More to follow……